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Customers and Partners

Enterprises of various industrial branches are the clients and partners of our company.

They are:

  • The Corel Corporation
  • The R&D center of CALS-technologies “Applied logistics”
  • Kondi GmbH
  • WebSoft
  • Demikhovo machine-building plant
  • Penzadieselmash
  • Mytishchi machine-building plant
  • Zheldorremmash
  • Shinglass
  • Autodiesel
  • NPO Petrovax Pharm
  • Geomash
  • St. Petersburg tractor plant
  • AtomIntelMash
  • and other companies.

We treat all of our clients with due care, and we will be happy to include you in the list of our partners.

We hope you will see the true value of the professional skills of our specialists, the quality of the services we render, and the provided guarantees.