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Development of Regulatory Documentation

The Itorum Company specializes in rendering consulting services in the sphere of regulatory documentation development.

The high quality of our work is ensured by the scientific potential of our specialists and practical experience in developing regulatory documentation in the course of our regular activity.

Types of Developed Regulatory Documentation:

The company’s employees took part in the establishment of the defense product documentation center. The work was performed jointly with the representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Rosstandart and other manufacturers. In the result of this work, the following documents were developed:

  • general technical standards of the Unified System of Design Documentation (transliteration of Russian abbreviation is ESKD);
  • general technical standards of the Unified System of Technological Documentation (transliteration of Russian abbreviation is ESTD);
  • guidelines.

Types of Developed Technical Documentation

Based on the existing regulations of various levels (industry-related, governmental, or international), the Itorum’s specialists develop technical documents for civil and defense products taking into account the specificity of enterprises and the manufactured products. The list of developed documents includes: