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Development of Specifications and Requirements

Specialists of the Itorum Company provide development of technical specifications (TS) for research and development (R&D) and technical requirements for manufacture of products.

What is a technical specification?

Technical specification is a document, in which the information for creation of structures, engineering industry products, development of information systems, standards, and research and development are provided in detail. The process of development of any product must start with assigning the project task and development of draft technical specification.

The purpose of development of specifications and requirements

The cornerstone of successful implementation of any project is a balanced, properly executed technical specification agreed on by all interested and responsible persons.

Professional approach to the issues of execution of a technical specification prevents negative consequences for the customers at ordering and manufacturing a product.

Additional information on development of specifications and requirements is available under the link.

You can receive detailed information on the prices and terms of works, and order the development works by calling us on the phone numbers specified on our website or in any other way convenient for you.