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Research and Development

Specialists of the Itorum Company provide Research and Development at the high professional level in strict compliance with the technical or performance specification, effective regulations and standards.

The range of services of the company in the sphere of Research and Development includes:

  • Research and Development;
  • expert reporting on evaluation of materials developed by other companies within Research and Development works, including verification of the list and the structure of documentation, completeness of results included in the reporting documents, compliance of documents’ form with effective standards, etc.;
  • issuance of testimonies upon the results of Research and Development inspection.

Research and Development works carried out by the Itorum specialists

The Company has a vast experience in fulfillment of Research and Development both as a general and an associate contractor. We have successfully completed the Research and Development projects on development, creation and implementation of:

  • software and hardware systems;
  • weapons and military equipment (starting with concept and ending with tests of product).

In the result of the completed works, new machinery and equipment was developed, as well as the activities of officials were optimized.

The Itorum employees are ready to carry out feasibility study, development, implementation, support of industrial automated systems, such as:

  • information support of operation of complex products;
  • management of product-related data;
  • e-learning.

We use all knowledge and accumulated experience for the benefit of the Itorum Company’s clients, which allows us to gain high quality and predictable results at implementation of projects of any complexity.