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CourseLab LCMS

Our perennial practice in the sphere of e-learning courses development using the CourseLab editor has allowed our specialists to form a huge bundle of practical knowledge, which we are ready to share with every willing person.

The CourseLab training program for developers of e-learning courses includes the following sections:

  • General information on the CourseLab editor. The process of development of e-learning courses.
  • Development of a course template, control elements. Operating master slides.
  • Development of standard slides of a course. Elements of standard library. Slide structure.
  • Tests. Goals and rules.
  • Actions. Setting-up elements’ behavior when interacting the user. Development of interactive elements and tasks.
  • Development of courses, which simulate operating software.

The duration of the course is 4 days (32 academic hours).

The training can be carried out both on a full-time or remote basis (in the form of webinars or using e-learning courses developed by our specialists).

The cost of full-time training is 24,000 rubles. The e-learning course costs 20,000 rubles.

The training program we offer is oriented to both users who do not have any experience in using the editor, and more experienced developers. Depending on the qualification of specialists, the program can be corrected. Special attention is paid to peculiarities of developing training courses, which contain various types of graphics and interactive exercises.

At the end of the training, users pass the test and receive a certificate.