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Product Design

Engineering product design development is one of our priority activities. Specialists of the Itorum Company develop complex housing metal and plastic parts and assembly units.

Simultaneously with the development services, we offer our clients to develop casting moulds taking into account the required casting technology. The work starts with professional consideration of the idea and ends upon introducing the product in the market. The customer is provided with extensive support in implementation of projects of any complexity at all stages of development and manufacture of products.

Our designers are experienced professionals able to develop complex products taking into account the technological peculiarities of their manufacture. Itorum’s employees regularly pass advanced training; many of them have completed internship at German design offices.

During the process of product development, special attention is paid to the selection of solutions that would ensure improved reliability and functionality of the products and provide for cutting production costs.

Stages of Product Development

The following works are carried out at product design development:

  • analyzing requirements for the product, and functions that it should provide; revealing all possible restrictions; determining who and how is going to operate the product;
  • developing design variations, this includes studying, comparing and assessing the maximum number of alternative variations, technologies of manufacturing and possible applications of the future product;
  • selecting the optimal solution based on the results of work fulfilled at previous stages;
  • elaborating the development schedule, which includes the stages of manufacturing, testing, making graphic impressions, which show the product’s functionality, and evaluation of its performance. At this stage, a list of materials, tools, and equipment necessary for further work is formed. The selection of the necessary calculations is carried out and a preliminary plan of testing the finished product is elaborated.
  • developing the design of the product in compliance with all requirements;
  • choosing the opportunities of further optimization of the structure and developing variations of the product with enhanced parameters.

Our Achievements

Services rendered by the specialists of the Itorum Company have been highly appraised both in Russia and abroad. Since 2011, our company has been extensively cooperating with the German KONDI GmbH Company in the field of development of new products and components used for car production.

Рекомендательное письмо Kindi GmbH

Translation of the testimonial letter:

The KONDI GmbH Company is an advanced enterprise specializing in rendering services that target development of car manufacturers. With our wide experience, creative approach and promptness at solving issues, we assist our clients to develop efficiently manufacture of products and comprehensive systems in the engineering sphere. Our strong points, being the main elements of the Company’s system of values, are the applied innovative solutions, the high level of quality of fulfilled work, and the flexible approach to implementation of projects. Our employee’s long experience of working at the highest technical level allows finding best solutions that result in strong competitive positions of our clients.


Since September of 2011, we have been successfully cooperating with the Itorum LLC. Within the framework of our cooperation, specialists of Itorum LLC are engaged in design development and unassistedly work through various design solutions for our clients. This work requires great skills in designing, knowledge of quality standards, technical aspects of manufacturing and many other things.


During the whole period of cooperation, the Itorum Company has proved itself a reliable and professional partner. We are completely satisfied with the fulfillment of targets by the specialists of the Itorum Company. We wish Itorum LLC success in future and hope for fruitful and long-term cooperation.