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The Itorum Company offers services of development of comprehensive e-Learning systems. In the course of development of the systems, we use advanced technology and the latest tools. The work is carried out on a turnkey basis starting with the design development stage and ending with putting the ready solution into operation. Qualified technical support is provided during the whole period of the e-Learning system operation.

The e-Learning term includes basic elements of our activity in this sphere. These are methodology, software and hardware systems, and content.

Stages of the e-Learning Systems Development

We offer a comprehensive approach to the development of an e-Learning system, which includes:

Advantages of e-Learning Systems

  • simultaneous study of unlimited number of students;
  • opportunity for the students to study at the most convenient time and as per their personal schedule;
  • reduction of costs for updating study materials;
  • representation of study information in a visual form.

Upon a client’s order, all materials can be translated into foreign languages.

More information on the development of e-Learning systems can be submitted by phone through the phone numbers specified on our website.