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CourseLab is a convenient tool for creating interactive training materials (e-learning courses) designed for application in the Internet network, in learning management systems (in the SCORM and AICC formats) as well as on CDs or other media.


The CourseLab interface

The main advantages of CourseLab are the simplicity and flexibility in usage. Using CourseLab, it is as simple to create e-learning courses as making a presentation with PowerPoint, mostly due to the rich library of standard adjustable elements.

Even beginners can compile a fully featured e-learning course, which would include graphic materials, interactive elements and tests, within several hours with little trouble.

Experienced users will appreciate the opportunity to go beyond the standard functionality. CourseLab allows using web development tools (html, css, java script) for creating courses, which offers virtually boundless opportunities for developers.

Along with selling licenses for CourseLab, we also offer an extended training course of developers of training courses using CourseLab.

Examples of training materials created using CourseLab are available under the link.

More details on the features of the software are available on the pages of our Encyclopedia