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WebTutor is the leading learning management system in the Russian market. The modular structure of the system allows selecting the most suitable system configuration for an enterprise in each case.

The WebTutor LMS interface

The WebTutor LMS interface

Main features of the system:

  • Creation of a unified corporate knowledge portal, which provides access for the employees to informative and training materials.
  • Option to provide e-learning using electronic courses and webinars (web conferences), and remote testing with registration of the results of each employee in the common database.
  • Establishment of a platform for communication between employees within the portal, using chats, forums, consultations and polls.
  • Automation of the personnel evaluation procedures.
  • Differentiation of user access rights to information, and to fulfillment of supervisory and administrative functions. The option to assign a specific access role for every employee, so that he would see in the portal only the data and the materials that he is authorized to access.
  • Integration with the personnel inventory system and the corporate electronic mail for automatic mailing notifications.
  • Flexible adjustment of analytic reports.

The Itorum Company specialists provide the whole scope of works related to supplies of WebTutor licenses, implementation, training of users and system administrators, as well as the support of the system during its lifecycle.

Information on the system modules included in the standard configuration of WebTutor.

Description of additional modules of the WebTutor system.