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Development of e-Learning Courses

We provide comprehensive development of e-learning courses in conformance with the requirements of the customer and render necessary consultative support. The courses can be developed in the SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC formats or as a Windows application (when using the course without uploading it in LMS).

E-learning courses let the students receive necessary knowledge, train skills and check their qualification.

Types of e-learning courses

E-learning courses can be divided into three main types by the efficiency of representing information and complexity of development:

  • Simple, with slides. This e-learning course consists of slides, which consequently display text information, charts, illustrations, and videos. Training materials can contain simple practical tasks and tests created using standard tools. Slide e-learning courses are recommended for giving information, which does not require practical process training or additional explanation.

    Illustrations of the rules of equipment management

  • Interactive. This course allows users to interact with the training material. The complexity and the sequence of narration can vary depending on the trainee’s actions. Interactive courses can contain illustrations, videos, animations, practical tasks of different complexity, 3D models, simple simulators, etc. They are recommended for studying composite devices, equipment, software, and for nailing down operating and repair skills.

    Interactive video


    3D model integrated in the course

  • Virtual simulators. Within this e-learning course, information is provided in an interactive form. Simulators and composite training devices completely simulate the operation environment, equipment behavior in various situations, including emergencies. Using this type of e-learning courses, trainees practice the knowledge and skills they have gained.

    Machine operation simulator

Used development tools

At the development of the courses, specialized software products and development tools are used. The selection of software depends on the course content and individual requirements of the customer.

The courses are created using:

  • quick development tools, such as CourseLab и Adobe Captivate (editors support the development of e-learning courses compliant with SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 и AICC);
  • Adobe Flash;
  • HTML + CSS + Java Script;
  • specialized software products for development of the graphic part of courses.

For using in learning management systems (LMS), e-learning courses are developed in compliance with SCORM and AICC.

Check the examples of our works under the link.

Additional information on e-learning courses is available in our Encyclopedia.