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Development of Electronic Multimedia Training Simulators

The Itorum Company develops electronic multimedia training simulators (virtual training simulators), which include dynamic graphics that visually represents events, which change with time and depend on external impacts.

Our training simulators are interactive, and the user can operate the demonstration process, change the view, the playback speed, and the granularity.

In the result of application of multimedia simulators, the trainees understand training material, technology and actions better.

Electronic multimedia training simulators are an excellent supplement to conventional and distance education processes. They allow gaining required knowledge and training certain skills.

Logical modules of an electronic multimedia training simulator

Electronic multimedia training simulators include the following logical modules:

  • animations, interactive 2D and 3D illustrations;
  • the system of electronic display, which supports operating training simulators (this can be implemented in the form of a Web application);
  • scenarios of cases (formed at the stage of the simulator development).

Virtual training simulators allow trainees to form and nail down the understanding of actions they are going to fulfill in practice.


We provide perpetual warranty for the electronic multimedia training simulators developed by the Itorum Company. Whenever discrepancies made by fault of our staff are revealed, necessary corrections will be made free of charge.

Examples of electronic multimedia training simulators are available under the link.

You can order development of training simulators by phone on the phone numbers provided on the website.

Additional information on the electronic multimedia training simulators is available in our Encyclopedia.