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Implementation of Learning Management Systems

Specialists of the Itorum Company are ready to carry out the project of implementation of the learning management system (LMS) of any level of complexity with the purpose of automation and improvement of efficiency of the training process.

The work on LMS implementation starts with a thorough analysis of the customer’s business processes, existing infrastructure of its enterprise, and identification of spheres, in which it is possible and reasonable to use the training systems.

The result of LMS implementation

The client receives a learning management system completely ready for operation. It contains all data on users, the training process, modules for generation of analytic reports, and design of the training portal. All elements of the LMS are set up in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

Stages of learning management systems implementation

  • Identification of goals and objectives of the LMS implementation. Specialists of the company jointly with the customer’s representatives analyze the enterprise’s business processes that are related to the training;
  • Adjusting the optimal configuration of the system and drawing up a detailed plan of implementation based on the obtained data;
  • Installation of the system. The LMS is installed, then it is integrated in the personnel management systems and corporate mail servers existing at the company, etc.;
  • Setting-up and documentation. The system is being configured with account of the customer’s requirements, access rights are being set up, additional reports and software agents are being created, and the documentation on LMS operation is being developed;
  • Training the customer’s personnel;
  • Validation of the system. At all stages of the work, the given conditions of LMS application are analyzed and their conformance to the received result is evaluated. Specialists of the Itorum Company have a vast experience in LMS validation in compliance with GAMP5;
  • LMS support. At this stage, we provide updates of the system as new versions are released, render additional training of specialists of the customer, and modify the system configuration in accordance with the changing business processes.

Used development tools

The Itorum Company is the official distributor of the WebTutor LMS of the WebSoft Company. A brief description of the system is available in the WebTutor section.

You can check the examples of the WebTutor implementations under the link.

To order the system, call us on the phone number provided on the website.

Additional information on the WebTutor LMS is available in our Encyclopedia.