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WebTutor LMS. Basic Version

The WebTutor learning management system includes in its basic version the tools required for creating an e-learning portal, demonstration of e-learning courses and online testing.

Main modules, included in the basic version of the learning management system and their destination:

  • Personnel. Designed for keeping a common database of the organization employees. The module allows to group employees in accordance with the structure of divisions and occupied positions and to form training groups of the employees. Training groups can be constant or be formed according to certain conditions (for example, a group can include all employees occupying the Engineer position). The main object of the module is the employee’s record form, which contains information on the employee and the results of his training.
  • E-learning. It allows keeping a common database of e-learning courses, and forming new courses from the existing component parts – training modules. The module tools allow flexibly adjusting the interaction between the user and the e-learning courses. How many times can a user pass a course? What result is believed successful? How long the course is available to the trainees? What is the training path for each employee within the course? The E-learning module is responsible for this and many other settings.
  • Testing. It is designed for creating test questions of various types: single or multiple choice, figure or text input, ranking, comparison, as well as for forming tests from the common database of ready questions. The test settings allow defining the time of passing both the whole test and its particular questions, the number of attempts, the value of each question, the number of questions selected of the question’s base, etc.
  • Portal. The main objective of this module is organization and management of the education portal developed based on the WebTutor LMS. The portal is a website, which can be available both from a corporate network and from Internet. The portal design can be adjusted in compliance with the requirements of the customer. The portal allows placing all necessary information: text and graphic data, calendars of e-learning courses and much other information. The basic version already includes all necessary tools for making chats, forums, and tests as well as for viewing e-learning courses, and generating reports on the results of training.
  • Finance. This module serves for accounting money spent for training (planned and actual) as well as accounting of payments for the training content provided on a paid basis. Expenses can be structured by expenditure items, periods and cost centers.
  • Service modules. They are designed for supporting the system operation as well as for providing other settings that are not provided by the above-listed modules. For example, service modules provide setting up report forms, which are not covered by the basic version (the basic version includes over 20 various types of reports) as well as creating own tools for automation of the system administrators work.

Information on the additional modules of the WebTutor learning management system is available in the Addition LMS modules  section.

You can also check the examples of the system implementations at enterprises.