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S1000D User Forum 2013

September 19 has come to end. The Austrian Aeronautics Industries Group acted as the organizer and the host party of the forum.

The Forum gathered over 230 participants from 30 countries. Over 40 reports were presented.

Representatives of the Itorum Company took part in the main part of the conference, which was dedicated to the S1000D specification, and in the event dedicated to the all specifications of the S- series, both the existing and the developing ones.

It is worth noting that every year the event covers even more aspects of supporting the lifecycle of products due to the development of the S-series specifications. Gradual focus shift from technical publications, which the S1000D specification is all about, to full information support of lifecycle, including materiel management (S2000M), logistic support analysis (S3000L), developing scheduled maintenance programs (S4000M), operational and maintenance data feedback (S5000F), is observed.

Additional information on the forum is available on the Austrian Aeronautics Industries Group website.