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  • The system of the personnel training and development management at NPO Petrovax Pharm LLC

The system of the personnel training and development management at NPO Petrovax Pharm LLC

Портал системы обучения и развития персонала ООО «НПО Петровакс Фарм»

Портал системы обучения и развития персонала ООО «НПО Петровакс Фарм»

The portal of the system of the personnel training and development management of NPO Petrovax Pharm LLC

NPO Petrovax Pharm LLC is one of the leading Russian companies, which develop and manufacture innovative medicines and vaccines.

Along with the leading international and national pharmaceutical enterprises, NPO Petrovax Pharm LLC pays much attention to the process of personnel training. Every year, the company arranges a large number of training events and accounts the results of each event. This system of recording the large portion of data on several media resulted in huge archives of information that the organization had accumulated on the training, and their analysis was a very difficult task. Therefore, the necessity to automate the accounting of the training results was obvious.

The WebTutor system was chosen the tool of automation, and on top of the basic version, the following modules were added to it: Education Center, Knowledge Management, and E-Library.

The Itorum Company was chosen as the contractor for fulfillment of the whole range of works on the system implementation.

The works on implementation of the software included the following stages:

  • analysis of the system of enterprise’s personnel training, determination of the optimal software, hardware and functional configuration of the system;
  • deployment and setting-up of the system;
  • integration of the system with the existing information systems (corporate mail, personal management system);
  • training of specialists;
  • initial stuffing of the system with data required for further operation;

It is worth noting that, at all stages of the system implementation, the validation work was provided in compliance with the GAMP 5 (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice) international requirements to computer systems.

Validation of the system.

For the first time in Russia, implementation of such software was accompanied by the full range of works on validation of the system in compliance with the requirements of GAMP 5 for pharmaceutical companies (Guide for Validation of Automated Systems in Pharmaceutical Manufacture, version 5.0). These is a set of procedures covering all the stages of the system implementation: starting with the selection of the supplier and development of user specification and ending with fulfillment of comprehensive procedures of the system inspection at the stage of operation.

Preparing the system for industrial operation

To ensure fully featured industrial operation of the software, we developed over 8,500 various objects (training and modular programs, action items, library material) and over 40 software agents and additional templates at the stage of the system implementation.

The project results

  • the processes of creating full-time training and e-learning events were automated;
  • the data on the history of trainings, training programs and events about all production and technological facilities of the company, which are geographically dispersed, were stored in the common database;
  • the time required for generating any analytic reports on the personnel training was reduced from several hours to one minute;
  • the process of mailing notifications and reminders, relating to the training process, was automated through integration of the system with the corporate mail. Keeping the data on the organizational and staff structure updated became possible due to integration with the personal management system;
  • the process of handling new regulatory documents was optimized: an online library of regulatory documents (nearly 3,500 items) with differentiated access and follow-up of items was formed;
  • the process of notifying and accounting of the familiarization of employees with new regulatory documents was automated;
  • the opportunity to train and test employees automatically through the training portal was implemented;

Our new learning management system was highly rated by the employees of the NPO Petrovax Pharm LLC who participated in its implementation and operation of the software.

Further development of the project

In the future, along with automation of the processes of recording the training results, we plan to extend training and use e-learning courses and evalutation of the personnel’s knowledge by means of automated electronic tests.