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Technical Documentation

Specialists of the Itorum Company render services on development of technical documentation in electronic and paper form. Complete, comprehensible, high quality operation and repair documentation will improve the efficiency of technical maintenance, quality of repair and operation of products.

Technical documentation (Engineering documentation; Engineering documents) – these are commercial documents required for supplying equipment and technical consumer durable goods.

Technical documentation includes: descriptions of products, operating and repair manuals, Illustrated Parts Catalogues, various charts, drawings, specifications of spare parts, tools, fittings, etc. Technical documentation is made in the language of the buyer’s country or another language as directed by the buyer (customer).

Aspects of the Work Fulfilled by Itorum’s Specialists

The accumulated experience and knowledge enable us to develop documentation not for serial products only, but also for products that are being developed (at the stage of design and development). Due to this approach to the commencement of serial production, the products will be equipped with full set or operational documentation. Another advantage of simultaneous development is the opportunity to evaluate operational maintainability and repairability of the products at the stage of design development.

Technical documentation is developed in electronic form using comprehensive technology. A 3D model is created for each product and then the graphic part of all types of documents is formed. Later, the electronic technical documentation can be used for developing informative materials, study courses and many other things.

Due to special software used by our specialists, the electronic technical documentation can be easily revised and updated.

Commercial Secret

The Company guarantees total confidentiality of information received during fulfillment of works. The rights for the developed technical documentation are owned by the customer.


We provide perpetual warranty for the technical documentation developed by our company. Whenever discrepancies made by fault of our staff are revealed, they will be corrected free of charge.

Detailed information on our capabilities of technical documentation development can be provided by phone at phone numbers specified on our website.