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Technical Guide Builder

Technical Guide Builder (TG Builder) is the system designed for development, support, amendment and publication of technical (operating and repair) documentation.

The functionality of the system allows to develop documentation compliant with the requirements of both national standards in the sphere of technical documentation  (GOST 2.051-2006, GOST 2.601-2006, GOST 2.602-95, GOST 2.610-2006, GOST 2.611-2010), and the international specification S1000D.


Vast experience in development of technical documentation and interaction with industrial enterprises enables us to render high quality services of comprehensive study and optimization of documentation development processes and implementation of the TG Builder system.

Along with this, we provide training of specialists in operating TG Builder using our own original methodology and accumulated knowledge. As a rule, the training process is a part of the project of the TG Builder system implementation.

System versions

The TG Builder system has various versions, which allow meeting the requirements of any category of users. The baseline versions of the system are:

  1. Technical Guide Builder Standard Edition – local single-user version of the system. It is designed for organizations and enterprises, at which the functions of technical documentation development are assigned to a small number of specialists (1-2 persons), each of whom deals with the whole scope of work related to the development of a certain type of documents (the work scheme is “one person – one IETM or IETP”).
  2. Technical Guide Builder Enterprise Edition –multi-user (network) version of the system. This version of the system is designed for simultaneous work of several specialists with the same document (the scheme of work is “one specialist – one or several data modules in CSDB”). In view of the necessity to store large volumes of data at a single center, the network version of the system is based on the ORACLE Data Base Management System.