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Development of Operating and Repair Manuals

The Itorum Company develops operating manuals, repair manuals and other maintenance, operation and repair documentation.

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Our experience and technical capabilities enable us to develop these documents both from the ground up and using analogs. Documentation is made in compliance with the requirements of the Russian State Standards GOST 2.051, 2.601, 2.602, 2.610 and foreign standards S1000D and Shipdex.

Operating manual contains information on the design, principle of operation, detailed parameters of the products, operating instructions, maintenance, minor repairs, storage and transportation, recommendations on technical evaluation for the necessity of repair, information on the peculiarities of disposal of the product and its components.


Repair manual contains information on the terms and conditions of arranging and providing repairs, control, testing, adjustments, preparation for preservation, storage and transportation, mounting and testing units in the end product as well as reference values of various parameters and standards.

Advantages of electronic operating and repair manuals

At maintenance and repairs, electronic manuals facilitate greatly the process of searching required information. High quality illustrations and animations allow faster understanding of peculiarities of the products’ design, the principle of their operation and the order of fulfilling various procedures. Electronic manuals are irreplaceable reference tools, which can be amended and supplemented depending on the client’s requirements and the stage of the product lifecycle.

Commercial Secret

The Company guarantees 100% confidentiality of any information received during fulfillment of works. The customer owns all rights for the developed operating manual, repair manuals and other types of operational and repair documents.


We provide perpetual warranty for any documents developed by our company. Whenever discrepancies made by fault of our staff are revealed, the necessary corrections will be made free of charge.

Additional information on the peculiarities of development of operating and repair manuals is available in the Encyclopedia of information support of products’ lifecycle in the Technical documentation section.

Examples of operating and repair manuals