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Development and Reissue of Study Posters

The Itorum Company renders services of development and reissue of technical study posters in paper and electronic form. All requests of the client are taken into account in the course of work.

In the developed and reissued study posters, we place information on the design of the product, principles of its operation, applications, and maintenance peculiarities. The information in the technical study posters is presented in a simplified and generalized form. It is always as informative, visual and precise as possible.

Пример учебно-технического плаката

Stages of study posters development

At the development of technical study posters, the specialists of the Itorum Company carry out the following work:

  • composition of the list of posters on the studied subject;
  • development of a pamphlet of the concept or the sketch of each technical study poster;
  • development of its graphics;
  • make-up of a mockup for printing.

In the course of fulfillment of an order for revision (reissuing) of existing posters, we analyze the data provided by the client and, if necessary, change and supplement them. As a result, the quality of the poster as well as its demonstrativeness and relevance improve.

Commercial secret

We guarantee to the clients who applied to us 100% confidentiality of the information received during fulfillment of works. The customer owns all rights for the technical study posters.


We provide perpetual warranty for the posters developed by our company. Whenever discrepancies made by fault of our staff are revealed, the corrections will be made free of charge.

Additional information on the peculiarities of development and revision of technical study posters is available in the Encyclopedia of information support of products’ lifecycle.

Examples of technical study posters.