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Development of Technical Illustrations and Animations

Specialists of the Itorum Company render services of development of graphic materials for technical documentation, preparation of simulators, reports, presentations. Transform technical ideas of the client into a concept, which can be demonstrated to investors or prospective customers in the form of technical illustrations, animations or video presentations.


How are technical illustrations and animations created?

Technical illustrations allow visually presenting an object with documentary precision and facilitating the understanding of its specific design features. At development of video presentations and illustrations, such 3D graphic editors are used as 3D Max, Blender, Maya, etc., and such editors of vector and raster graphics as CorelDRAW Technical Suite, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator etc.

Advantages of interactive 3D animation

At preparing presentation technical materials, the Itorum Company uses one of the most efficient method of presenting information – interactive 3D animation. It allows to demonstrate the order of operations and the design of a product, pause and resume the animation playback at any moment, manage objects, zoom in, rotate, hide any elements of the design. High quality 3D animation enhances the effect of presentations, increases the sales scope, including through online stores.

Commercial Secret

We guarantee to our clients total confidentiality of information received during fulfillment of works. The customer owns all rights for technical illustrations, animations, presentation materials at all stages of the work.


We provide perpetual warranty for the technical illustrations, interactive 3D models and other materials, developed by our company. Whenever discrepancies made by fault of our staff are revealed, necessary corrections will be made free of charge.

Additional information on the peculiarities of development of technical illustrations and animations is available at the specialized resource Technical illustration.

Examples of technical illustrations and animations.