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Implementation of Technical Documentation Development Systems

Specialists of the Itorum Company offer implementation of basic or extended configuration of technical documentation development systems, adapted to the requirements of the customer.

In the result of project implementation, the client receives:

  • organized processes of documentation development;
  • adjusted and fully serviceable software;
  • ready technical documentation for products, prepared during the stage of trial operation.

Stages of implementation of the technical documentation development system

In the course of the system implementation, the specialists of the company fulfill the following works:

  • formation of an optimal scheme of development of technical documentation using TG Builder;
  • selection of the most efficient version of the development system, determination of the hardware and software configuration;
  • installation of the software (TG Builder, TG WebServerCorelDRAW Technical Suite, general software);
  • training in usage and administration of the system of the customer’s personnel;
  • development of regulatory documents, which administer the process of development of technical documentation at the customer’s facilities;
  • development of pilot versions of documentation of various types using the implemented system.

The implementation of technical documentation development systems is carried out by skilled professionals using proven methodology, which is based on the best world practices and our own vast experience.