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Basic Configuration of the Documentation Development System

The technical documentation development system is a software package designed for automation of the processes of development, support and amendment of operating and repair documentation in various forms (paper and electronic: IETP or IETM) compliant with the requirements of national and foreign standards.

We offer advanced and efficient solution based on the Technical Guide Builder, CorelDRAW Technical Suite X6 and TG WebServer software.

Solution scheme

Basic Configuration of the technical documentation development system normally includes:

  • network or local licenses for the TG Builder software;
  • Oracle database (not required if the local version of TG Builder is chosen);
  • general software package (OS Windows, graphic editors, etc.).

The solution scheme based on local versions of TG Builder.

The solution scheme based on local versions of TG Builder

The solution scheme based on network versions of TG Builder.

The solution scheme based on network versions of TG Builder

Choosing network or local version of the solution

You can choose the local version of the system of technical documentation development in the following cases:

  • if the volume of developed documentation are insignificant and only one license for TG Builder is enough;
  • if each specialist is responsible only for one type of documentation and the quantity of common data (unification) between different types of documentation is very small.

Later on, the local version of the documentation development system can be converted into the network version without losing the data.

The network version of the system of technical documentation development is to be chosen if:

  • several specialists are involved in development of each type of documents;
  • there is a large quantity of information, which can be used in different documents at the same time;
  • it is necessary to release documentation for various versions, configurations, modifications and units (serial numbers, VIN) of products as well as to use common reference books of configurations and units of products and other attributes;
  • it is required to provide reliable centralized storage of data using database management systems;
  • within an enterprise, it is necessary to provide access to the documentation under development or already developed to a wide range of specialists and executives.

System implementation

Our company provides all works on implementation of the system, starting with the analysis and restructuring of existing processes of development and ending with the support of industrial operation of the system.

Functionality and advantages

Usage of the baseline version of the technical documentation development system ensures:

  • reduction of the terms of development and release of documentation (with extensive unification of products, the terms can be reduced 3-5 times as much);
  • development of IETP compliant with GOST 2.601-2006, GOST 2.610-2006, GOST 2.611-2012, GOST RV 0002-601-2008, GOST 18675-2012, the international specification S1000D;
  • development of documents taking into account versions of products and applicability to particular product items or product groups;
  • simultaneous work of several specialists with the same document;
  • prompt receipt (publication) of ready documents in paper and/or electronic form for supplying to consumers;
  • centralized introduction of changes in the documentation based on change notices or service bulletins.

Examples of solutions

Description of real projects of the technical documentation development system.